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The 2006 Penn Central Railroad Historical Society 11’X17” wall calendar 
is now available for purchase. This is the second calendar the society 
has produced. It has 28 full pages with 13 full-color photos, one per 
month, January 2006 thru January 2007. Photos include a selection of 
EMDs, ALCO, electric, a red surprise and several scenic photos from a 
variety of photographers and collections.

Only 200 have been printed.
Order yours today! Use the form on the PCRRHS Website or just print this 
and fill out the info below.
Order one for home, work, the model railroad club, or your caboose. It 
would make a nice gift too!

The 2006 calendar cost is $15, postage included.
Send check payable to PCRRHS.
Mail the order to:
Jim Hebner, PCRRHS,
1324 Richmoor Road
Springfield, Ohio 45503-5622

2005 PCRRHS Calendar is still available - now only $11

Please ship me __________ 2006 PCRRHS CALENDAR @ $15 Each

Please ship me __________ 2005 PCRRHS CALENDAR @ $11 Each

Name _______________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP ________________________________________________________

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