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Re: PC: Penn Central Color Freight Guide 2??

Try http://dogbert.abebooks.com   It is a consortium of bookstores with over 70 million new, used, rare and out-of-print books including textbooks searchable on line.  

Put "Penn Central Color Guide" in the title field and I came up with three hits $40, $40, and $49.  Call and negotiate.  I often get 10% knocked of or free shipping for the price of a phone call.

I find this very useful in locating old, rare, and out of print books.  If you locate a book store that returns a lot of hits but not the specific book you are looking for, call them up.  There was one store in Seattle that had an enormous quantity of eastern railroad books.  Naturally, the walk-in crowd was not interested because they wanted books focusing on the Pacific Northwest so the owner let me have the eastern railroad books for a song.  In addition, most stores only have a fraction of their inventory on line.  I have purchased a few gems for almost nothing by calling to inquire.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with abebooks in any manner.

Bob Holzweiss

>>> anthrax2525 -AT- yahoo.com 11/29/05 10:20AM >>>
Is it still possible to find the PC Color Guide out there? I should say is it possible without resorting to a moonlighting extortionist on Ebay...

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:  Hey Y'all!

Do you guys think a "PC Color Guide to Freight and Passenger
Equipment Vol 2" would sell? How did the first book sell? Maybe the PC
Society would should make a pitch to Morning Sun about a Volume 2. I
think now is the time for some new Penn Central books.
By the way, the new "Trackside in New Jersey" book will have a
Penn Central section in it. Written by Yanosey himself. Even the PC
worms will be on the cover. 

Dave Hopson
"Eastern Region Chapter"

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