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Re: PC: [Fwd: Decals for PC passenger cars]

In a message dated 11/28/2005 6:17:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:
This email came into the PCRRHS mailbox, and I honestly have no idea
what to tell him. Anyone know of PC passenger car decals still out there?

Jim Homoki has the PC black lettering for PC passenger cars.
-Tom Haag

This decal set was produced from original artwork based on company lettering standards and the review of numerous photographs.  Standard letter proportions were modified as required to follow photos as closely as possible.  This set provides the modeler enough black decals to cover nearly all variations of passenger cars that used black graphics.
This set contains the following items:
 6" high roadnames
 5” high numbers (Six valid car numbers provided, plus additional numbers may be easily created)
 4” high car names and alphabet jumble
2 ¼” End numbers
 Lettering for specific car types including “buffet” “parlor” “lounge” “diner”
 Four styles of trust plate text
 12” x 24” heralds
 9” x 18” heralds
Some Penn Central passenger cars had all black graphics and others still used combinations of both black and white. At this time white decals need to be gathered from other sources, but future sets are planned to cover the white graphics on passenger, sleeper, and head end cars.
These are available at $4.00 per set (1 sheet), plus $0.50 shipping per order.
Visit the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society at www.PCRRHS.org.
James Homoki
PO Box 43
Flagtown, NJ 08821-0043

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