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Re: PC: FAKE PC police patches on eBay

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eBay won't do anything about it because I (we) can't prove anything. It's strictly our word against the seller's. So who is eBay supposed to believe? I could just be some guy who is trying to ruin the online business of the seller, as far as they're concerned. So they don't intervene in these things. eBay is STRICTLY "buyer beware!"
Last year I asked the seller about the patch & he claims it is legit (what else WOULD he say?) I know it's fake because I have STUDIED the PC police dept. for about 7 years now & I know that those patches never adorned ANY PC officer's duds...
Those fake eBay patches first appeared on the market about 3-4 years ago (rough guess). If they are truly from the 1970s, how come none were for sale all through the 80's & 90's???????
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Subject: RE: PC: FAKE PC police patches on eBay

Is it worth notifying ebay that the things are counterfeit?
Dave Owens
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You are no doubt correct in regards to the seller keeping the bidder a secret to avoid the bidder from finding out the truth.

I'm just thinking out load, but I wonder if Jerry has some room on his PC site to post photos of a PC police patch and maybe a couple of representative badges? That might help get the word out about these fakes.

Jim Reaves

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Subject:  PC: FAKE PC police patches on eBay
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>Hi list,
>This is the 2nd time I've warned those on this list about this. Check out
>eBay # 7725215406 . This is a **PURE FANTASY** PC police patch. No patch
>like this was ever used by PC police officers. The seller is now keeping the
>bidder's ID's private, possibly because he doesn't want people tipping off
>his bidders that the item isn't a real PC police patch.

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