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RE: PC: FAKE PC police patches on eBay

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Is it worth notifying ebay that the things are counterfeit?
Dave Owens
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You are no doubt correct in regards to the seller keeping the bidder a secret to avoid the bidder from finding out the truth.

I'm just thinking out load, but I wonder if Jerry has some room on his PC site to post photos of a PC police patch and maybe a couple of representative badges? That might help get the word out about these fakes.

Jim Reaves

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Subject:  PC: FAKE PC police patches on eBay
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>Hi list,
>This is the 2nd time I've warned those on this list about this. Check out
>eBay # 7725215406 . This is a **PURE FANTASY** PC police patch. No patch
>like this was ever used by PC police officers. The seller is now keeping the
>bidder's ID's private, possibly because he doesn't want people tipping off
>his bidders that the item isn't a real PC police patch.

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