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PC: Penn Central Company Safety Training Movies

Hi List,
I have the following available on DVD or VHS. You are getting all 3 short
movies listed below on one DVD or tape. Price is $22, including postage.

Included on one DVD are three 16mm Penn Central Safety Training movies
10-12 minutes each) that were produced in (guessing) 1969 by PC.

Each movie starts off with the PC name/logo and title.
"Walking or Standing on Track";
"Operating Hand Switches"
"Getting On and Off Equipment".

Various "old technology" is shown, such as: hand signals (no radios),
footboards on locomotives, high ladders
on cars, journal boxes, etc. Locomotives shown are GG1s, ALCOs, EMD GP40s,

Many NEAT scenes with music and narration. Film was shot entirely in
electrified territory in the Philadelphia area (Grays Ferry, Paoli, etc..)
It also includes 2 short PSAs from the Green Cross.

I had the 16mm film professionally transferred to DVD. Condition is
reasonably good- there are scratches in the film and some loss of color
(much has a reddish tint to it). But overall, it's a real treat and a
pleasure to watch. About 35 minutes total running time.

email me off list if you're interested in obtaining a copy of this great
vintage original PC film. Your choice of DVD or VHS for $22, including


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