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PC: PCRRHS 2005 Convention

Just got home after another great PCRRHS Convention. 44 or so members 
attended. A HUGE thanks goes out Jerry Jordak for organizing this years 
We had a great tour of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway Shops - with a 
short ride in a ex-PC RDC! A trip to the observation deck of Cleveland 
Union Terminal, and as always, great slide shows.

Gene Fusco was there with the X58 sample - Looks very good! But then, 
all Rail Yard Models look good!

The N6As arrived from Wright Trak and PCRRHS President Jim Homoki was 
busy selling them and distributing the preorders to attendees.

Caught up with some old friends and made some new ones too. Once a year 
just does not seem like enough with this group.

Hope everyone still on their way home gets home safe and I hope to see 
everybody at next years convention!
If you never have been to a PCRRHS Convention - you are missing a great 

One more time - THANKS JERRY- you did good!

Jim Hebner


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