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RE: PC: We're PC Society Convention bound

Thanks Terry. This sounds great.

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I can't tell for sure what your time frame is, but here's an idea for

As you enter Pittsburgh on PA Rt. 22, plan to head out of Pittsburgh on
PA 65 North past Conway Yard.  When you get to Rochester, PA, take Rt.
51 North
(Chippewa) and at the second traffic light past the bridge over the
Beaver River (Quik-Fill gas station on the left of a 'T' intersection...
first traffic light has a bank with a time/temperature clock), take a
RIGHT up and over the hill and back down again staying to the right
against the Beaver River the entire time.  The second house from the
bottom of the hill (a half-dozen houses past the Fallston Fire Station
and Boro Building) is The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B (otherwise
identified as my house).

Stop here for awhile!  Pull in my driveway or go under the CSX overpass
(just past me on the sharp curve) and pull into the Beaver Valley Yacht
Club 'Guest Parking' (upper drive) on the opposite side of the CSX
(ex-P&LE) mainline. 

CSX is in my backyard, and Norfolk Southern is directly across the
Beaver River.  Both mainlines are IN FULL VIEW here.

I can have the coffee pot on and you can hang out on the Porch for
whatever amount of time you have available.

Leaving here, PA Rt. 51 BECOMES Ohio Rt. 14 which heads straight for
Salem, OH.  From there you can find your way to Minerva...  particularly
if you know the short-cut dog-leg from the est end of Salem on County
Rd. 400.

You will not take yourself significantly out-of-route, and you'll
definitely get lots of of prototype action along the way.

Hope you can make the stop!


Terry Stuart
62 Beaver Street
Fallston, PA  15066
Over 100 Trains Every 24 Hours on CSX and NS

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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:43:13 -0400
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Subject: PC: We're PC Society Convention bound

I hope to see a bunch of you in Cleveland Thursday. I know I'll see Dave
Hopson, Chip Syme and few other guys tomorrow at Chip's.

We're hitting the road from Connecticut tonight. We're going to head
west to Altoona, watch trains for a bit, then head up through Cresson,
then catch 22 west to Pittsburgh for daybreak. Then we'll be on to

Thursday before the convention I figure we'll hit Berea and Collinwood.

Have a safe trip all!

Dave Owens 

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