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PC: Subject at Business Meeting/Cleveland.

Hey Y'all....

       I have an idea that I'm going to bring up in the business meeting
in Cleveland. I'll give everyone a heads up,
       I think one way to move the PC Society forward and get new
members is to put an ad in "Classic Trains" Magazine. Maybe once a year.
A small ad, color or B&W. One or two photos, a small caption and our web
address. Probably wondering why "Classic Trains" magazine.  I think it's
the best railroad magazine on the market, AND it deals with the 1960s
and 70s. I will volunteer to look into advertising pricing in magazines
but I may need some help. I think it's a good idea.
     I'm leaving for Cleveland on Monday via the Alliance-Minerva route.
Hanging with Chip  for a few days. See ya there!

 Dave Hopson

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