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Re: PC: Hobby shops near the convention site??

Title: Re: PC: Hobby shops near the convention site??

Stewart's moved a tad east of their former location.  I'm not sure whether you were there, or at the new place.

They are NOW at:    38033 Euclid Avenue
                               Willoughby, OH  44094
                               (440) 942-6632

                               M-F Noon - 6
                               Thurs  12-8
                               Sat  10-6

They are no relation to me.  I spell my name a different way.  It IS a nice store with lots of quality kits and other things to look at.  I was there only last week.

Jim Six can give you very specific directions and information.  Although he's moving soon, his present home is close by.


From: "Owens, David" <DOwens -AT- courant.com>
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Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 20:00:25 -0400
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Subject: RE: PC: Hobby shops near the convention site??

Could you help me out with some more specific directions?

Also, can anyone tell me about Stewarts. I was there a couple years back and thought it was  nice shop. Is it in the same place.

Also, anyone in their travels come across a shop that carries Roco Minitanks. I need to finish outfitting my military train.

Thanks again,

Dave Owens

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