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Re: PC: UPRR New Orleans pics http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1475155/posts

Hi all----These pics may have been shot by UP staff, but most of the photos are actually of the CSX Gentilly RR Yard in New Orleans East, all of which was completely inundated. I know because I spent ten years living there and photographing the yard.
Whoever forwarded these pics to the group might want to share this information back with the originator:
The top photo is of the L&N lift bridge over the Industrial Canal connecting the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain.
In the second picture, just to the right of the lift bridge, you can see the sad little flood gates closed across the CSX tracks. Useless against anything other than a heavy rainstorm.
The third picture shows the CSX yard from the south, where the 'tote' (former L&N and current CSX term for containers) yard has been drowned and probably will have to be completely rebuilt.
The fourth picture shows the main line that runs along the north rim of the yard. The presence of many KCS and UP locos in the CSX yard is normal. There were many days that those (and SP) locos outnumbered CSX units 3-1. CSX had many trains received from UP and SP that kept their power and went on farther east. That's the nature of the New Orleans gateway (or was).
The sixth photo shows CSX Gentilly Yard looking from east to west, with the wrecked tote yard to the left.
Patrick Harris
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