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Re: PC: Gas Prices and Conventions

Hello Dave,

Here's the way I look at the price of gas and attending the Denver  
convention. Lets say it's 3800 miles round trip from Albany to Denver  
and return. You get 20 miles per gallon and the price of gas is  
$4.00. You would use approximately 190 gallons of gas. The cost for  
gas would be approximately $760 to complete the trip for fuel. Now  
make the trip with one other person. Not only would the price of gas  
be cut in half to $380 but hotel rooms cost would also be cut in  
half. Of course there's always Amtrak or jump on a flight. That might  
even be a cheaper way to go, especially if one is going to miss a lot  
of work when all expenses are figured.

Like Chip said, no matter what, those that plan to attend, will be  
there come hell or high gas prices!

I'm packing for Cleveland!


PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net

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