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PC: Metro-North RR Excursions


Kind of a Public Service Announcement here.  I received through the PCRRHS mailbox several flyers sent by the MTA Metro-North Railroad promoting their fall excursions.  Since it is so unusual these days for a railroad to be promoting special trips, I wanted to pass on this information.  These two railfan trips ARE on former PC trackage:

NAUGATUCK FLYER, Sunday Sept 11, Grand Central to Waterbury, connecting with the Naugatuck RR from Waterbury to Thomaston.  There is a car show and festival to visit during the layover that is part of the Thomaston Day celebration.

FAREWELL TO THE FL-9,  Sunday Oct 23, Rare mileage trip starting at Grand Central, then board the excursion train from Stamford to Danbury via Derby Junction and the Housatonic RR's Maybrook Line.

Both trips feature photo stops, maybe a run-by (time permitting) and mementos.

They are also running an excursion to Cold Spring's Antique Show on Sunday Oct 9, and a special train to Danbury on Sunday Sept 11 for a Taste of Greater Danbury.

Complete info can be found on their website, www.mta.info.

Jim Homoki

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