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PC: PC locomotive wanted for O Scale switching layout

Hello :  New to the mailing list, but not O Scale. Pete Trunk's 
suggestion of the Weaver GP38-2 and decals is a good one.  I wanted to 
add that AtlasO is now releasing an SW-8 switcher in O scale in three 
PC #'s, powered versions 8616 and 8620 and unpowered 8625, each a 
former NYC locomotive.  Find a technical drawing here :


and for excellent pricing and service see     www.amhobbiesonline.com

I don't work for  AM Hobbies , but have found them to be a great 
dealer.   These are sold on a made to order basis so they must be 
ordered by 8/29/05 for January '06 delivery.

A couple of choices for now, and probably a GP-9 from Atlas or a PC 
decorated GP38-2 as a future offering from Weaver.

Bruce Luecke

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