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PC: Re: Auto Accident Report on Penn Central List

Thanks.  I'm okay now.  My neck was knocked out of alignment and so was my 
right hip.  It wasn't too bad, but
since it happened on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend it meant it was 
the following Tuesday before I could see my chiropractor.  It only cost $32 
to take care of
it and I've been fine ever since.  They paid me over and above what I turned 
in for the injury which was just the $32.
I told them it wasn't necessary for me to go back again as it
was taken care of the first time, but I guess they wanted to
cover their bases.  But when it comes to the car they weren't being as 
Thanks again for the letter.
We're all doing well and I'm really looking forward to the
NMRA convention next week!
Gary Wright
Wright Trak Railroad Models
P O Box 158
Clarkesville, GA  30523

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> Gary-
> Sorry about your accident.  I hope you're OK.  A phone call or letter from 
> a lawyer should get the other driver's insurance company moving.  Many 
> lawyers won't even charge unless a settlement is received.
> Norman Mueller

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