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PC: Penn Central Items for SALE July-1, Part 1

     I have the following items for sale. Please contact OFF list with the above subject with questions. Prices DO NOT incl shp. A couple of the items are big and heavy.I do work out of town so responses may not be right away.
PC CT-225-G Haz. Mtl. Reg-plastic cover,good cond  $12
PC 1969 Annual Report-Fair cond-water marks on cover only 
PC 1967 Annual Report - good used cond $10
PC 1968 Annual Report - good used cond $10
PC  POST, Some but not all,check           $3
PC Cent. Reg. ETT No.4  5-1-70,New,no G.O.'s  $17
PC Cent. Reg. ETT No.4  5-1-70,with G.O.'s  $15
PC Cent. Reg. ETT No.5  12-15-72,with green vinyl cover  $18
PC Leather Conductors Wallet,Well used but still nice cond  $10
PC MW1-New Unused 
$ 18
PC MW4-Used but excellent cond,field notes on some pages,1section
      for inspection,2nd section for construction  
PC Grab Bag assrmnt of 14 items in Lrg PC 11 x 14 envlp - $20
PC MW4 - New cond,no cover   $10
PC MW4 - New Cond,unused    $18
PC Hand towel,Green logo and name sewn in - $20
PC  Conductor Hat Badge- Excellent Cond -  $45
PC Lapel pins for Cond. & Trainman uniform  $45
PC Long neck Journal oil can,VG used cond   $45
PC  Battery Flashing Marker    $45
CR C&S Signal plans,Blue CR logo on cover,NEW,not issued
CR Lapel pins for Cond. & Trainman uniform  
CR Annual Report-1982,83,85,86,87  $12
CR MW-4,NEW,never used, excellent cond., w/screw post or 3 ring binder 
CR Safety Committee sewn patch,blue background,white logo and letters  $10
CR First Aid Kit,Opened,one or two packets used,VG cond,a must for train room  $35
Pullman Brass Car Door handles-From Heavyweight PRR Sleepers,old former camp
   cars,some dinges and dents mostly to door knob,latchs move,heavy 
Pullman Hand Towel,has PC & UP logo stamped in black ink over ea.other,gd cond - $18 
Great Northern Atlas N scale FA1 (2 units)-older stock,not run,tested only 
Atlas SD7,w/DB, undec,new ,tested only,cracked plastic box   
Atlas SD9,NKP,no DB,new ,tested only,w/plastic box    $45
Phila & Rdg Brass tool check,Rectangular,Marked P&R, No.444,      $20
Unmarked Kero can,used good cond. -  $35
Unmarked Battery Flashing Markers - New, Orange plastic body,yellow lens -
    $40ea or$70pr
Unmarked Battery Flashing Markers,good used cond,not perfect but still work fine,plastic
    body,1-yellow, 1-orange   $30ea or $50pr 
Unmarked STARR Car Insp blue lite,non-Flashing,orange body - $25
Unmarked Car Insp Flashing Blue Light,Flashlite style body,magnetic base - $25

Thank you.
Pat McKinney

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