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Re: PC: PC/LVRR Merger Plan on Ebay

Maybe PC wanted to take out a competitor, or gain better routes? Other than 
that, I don't think PC+LV would have been a good idea...since the roads 
pretty much served the same markets. Of course we all know what happened 
shortly afterwards  :D

--Chris Osterhus

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>zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:
>>             Anyone know who the winner is on the PC/LVRR Merger Plan
>>that was on Ebay. It ended at $111.00. Was wondering if a society member
>>got it. I thought about bidding on it myself.
>An item number or link to the item might help.
>A better question is why the PC would have wanted to merge the Leaky Valley 
>in the first place? :)

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