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PC: PRRT&HS's PC slide collection to PCRRHS.

Hey Guys....

     At the last PRRT&HS Convention in Harrisburg, I found out that the
PRR Society had just got a large collection of original slides. I talked
with one of the Lewistown Archives volunteers and he told me that there
was a lot of Penn Central action shots in this collection.
    Later on, I talked with PRRT&HS prez Al Buchan and asked about the
possibility of the PCRRHS getting that part of the slide collection. I
told him that if the PCRRHS ever got an slide collection and you found
out that there was some original steam slides, you (the PRRT&HS) would
want the PRR subjects in the collection. He did agree to seeing that we
(the PCRRHS) would get the PC part of the collection. I guess he would
have to run that by the Board of Directors.
    I know I'm not an officer or a trustee of the PCRRHS, but I figured
I had to say something or those PC slides would NEVER see the light of
day in the PRRT&HS archives. So hopefully, we'll get the Penn Central

What's your thoughts...

 Dave Hopson

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