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RE: PC: New Product Announcement - PC Class N6A/N9 Transfer Caboose

   Just to let the PCRRHS know, I do have a viable interest in these cars, 
but I would like to see them in N-Scale.  I am sure I am not the only person 
here who would like to see them.  Seems like a bias toward HO has formed in 
the PCRRHS Modelling Committee...

-Gregg B.

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>Subject: PC: New Product Announcement - PC Class N6A/N9 Transfer Caboose
>Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 22:20:30 -0400
>Modelers and PC Fans,
>The PCRRHS is pleased to announce the upcoming release of an HO kit for the 
>NYC built N6A (PC Class) and PC built N9 transfer caboose, manufactured by 
>Wright Trak Model Trains.
>Features include a resin body, frame, and several detail parts, with 
>etchings provided for a steel grid deck, roofwalk, railings, and the screen 
>door that was such a neat feature on these cars.  The kit will build either 
>car, as the basic difference was that the N9 was constructed without a 
>roofwalk and end ladders.  Decals will be available for NYC, PC, and CR.
>Photos of the castings, an order form, and pricing information can be found 
>on the Society website, www.PCRRHS.org.  Photos of sample models will also 
>be posted when they are complete.  The kit components are in production, 
>and we expect these kits to be available in late July.  Note on the order 
>form that there is a significant discount for PCRRHS members.
>If you have an interest in this type of car, I hope you support the Society 
>in what is our first, and quite ambitious, car project.
>On behalf of the PCRRHS Modeling Committee, Trustees, and Officers,
>Jim Homoki
>President, PCRRHS
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