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PC: Penn Central railroadiana for sale

Hi guys,
Here’s my latest offering of surplus PC items. I hope there’s something good here for your collection! Please email me off list if there’s anything you would like. This will very likely be my last list until after the PC convention in September as I usually start accumulating items to sell there instead of publishing a late summer list. Prices do not include shipping.

1. PC Police Dept. parking pass. 
Measuring 5 X 11 (approx.) inch, this manila cardstock sign reads: “Penn Central Transportation Co.” “OFFICIAL” (in large letters) “no:” (has 3 digit number)”issued to:” (blank space for name)”by: PCT Co. Police Dept. Cleveland OH.” Has large green PC logo also. These were used mainly in Cleveland Union terminal for employees, etc. who had to park their personal autos at the station. $5

2. PC tie tack: 
Gold tie tack with a raised PC logo. Surface shows a little corrosion, which will clean right off. Very good condition otherwise. Still in the original blue plastic box with clear lid (ideal for display) $9

3. “Penn Central-Route of the Metroliners” paper cup.
 6 Oz. cup with the PC name & slogan wrapped around the cup on an attached band. Mint condition. $4

4. PC passenger service employee lapel pins: 
Cast in the shape of a PC logo with a bronze finish, these are one of the nicest-looking PC items ever produced (in my humble opinion). One has the manufacturer’s hallmark on the back of “Metal Arts Roch. NY”, the other does not. Sold as a pair (in excellent condition). $17.50

5. PRR passenger service employee lapel pins: 
Cast in the shape of a PRR logo (skeleton) with a brass finish, these are one of the nicest-looking PRR items ever produced (again in my humble opinion). Brass finish is worn on these, revealing the silver base metal (you must look closely to notice this- they look great! Again, sold as a pair, these both have the Eby Co. hallmark on the back. $35

6. PC uniform buttons: 
Large gold button with PC logo & Waterbury button Co. hallmark on the back: $1.50 each (have several)

7. PC uniform buttons: 
Small gold button with PC logo & Waterbury button Co. hallmark on the back: $1 each (have several)

8. PRR uniform buttons: 
Large gold button with PRR logo & Waterbury button Co. hallmark on the back. $2 each (have several).

9. PRR uniform buttons: 
Small gold button with PRR logo & Waterbury button Co. hallmark on the back. $1.50 each (have several)

10. PC glass ashtray:
Used in PC’s parlor cars, this clear glass ashtray has 4 cigarette rests, 1 each at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Has the PC name & logo in green in the bottom. Logo is slightly distorted due to a minor overstamp. Does not detract from the piece. $12.50 

11. PC miniature liquor bottles: 
A). Heublein Daiquiri, brown bottle with black and yellow label. Has a green & white “Bottled Especially for Penn Central” label on the back. Paper seal on cap is broken & bottle is about 2/3 full. Very good. $10

All the remaining bottles are empty, but have their screw-on caps intact.
B). Hiram Walker Manhattan cocktail. White label on a brown bottle with a different “Bottled Especially for Penn Central (with PC logo)” green/white label on the back. Very good. $10

C). Cutty Sark Scots Whisky. Green bottle with yellow label. Large (again, different than all the others) “Bottled Especially For Penn Central (with LARGE PC logo)” green/ white label on the back. Very good- minor soiling but should clean up nicely. $10

D). Samovar Vodka. Clear bottle with red, white, blue & gold label. Red, gold and black “Bottled Expressly for (PC logo) Penn Central” label on the back. Bottle is in very good condition, but the gold coloring on the PC label on the back has a good bit of discoloring, which does detract somewhat. $7.50

E).  I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. Clear bottle with a sparkling gold label on the front. This bottle even still has it’s red label on the top of the cap “I.W. Harper Bourbon”, which almost never survives. Same rear label as item “D” above, with the same discoloring of the rear label. $7.50. 

12. PC Employee Timetables $5 each:
a. Eastern Region #8 (4/30/72)- brand new- no general orders
b. New York Region #4 (10/26/69- last issue for this region) brand new- no general orders.
c. Central Region #4- most general orders included

13. PC Refrigerator Magnet: 
Green with raised white PC name & logo. These were official PC-issued items featured in their company gift catalogs and also in the PC POST employee magazine. Very good condition. $5

14. “Railroading With PC: Learning the Signal Indications: Book Four”
 Publication # CT7141 dated 11-71 Workbook style with fill in the blank answers. There were three books in this series (Book One was never published). Excellent condition. $3

15 NYCS (New York Central System) RACO signal lock. 
This is the style lock that takes the triangular key. Good condition. $9

16. PC CT 405 Special Instructions Governing Operation of Signals and Interlockings (for Train Dispatchers, Train Directors, Operators and Levermen). Small green and white booklet from 1968. All kinds of good stuff for tower men in 15 pages. Good condition. Has holes punched in it for a 3-ring notebook. $2

17. “PENN CENTRAL” is spelled out in white on this red BIC pen. Mint condition. $4

18. PCTC (spelled out) pad of forms “Notice of Placarded Cars Containing Hazardous Materials”. Excellent condition. $2

19. 2 different PC pencils- Both new & unsharpened. One yellow, one orange. Both have the PC name  & the “Work In Safety” slogan. $3.50 for the pair.
20. PC “Ladies Day Special” tri-fold brochure. 
Nice blue and black promotional brochure with great graphics showing schedules and rates for mid-day trains. This was one of the programs that PC promoted to help fill those commuter trains during off-peak periods. Dated 1970 in near mint condition. $3

21. Same brochure, but with a wrinkle in it (detracts little). $2

22. Metroliner interior photo enlargement. 
Not sure who did this enlargement, but I don’t think it was done by the railroad. Nice 8x10 photo shows passengers relaxing in a parlor car setting. Printed on Kodak Professional paper, it’s a little grainy due to the enlarging. Still a nice piece. $4.50

 22 page 8.5 X 11 inch booklet which lists in advertising format with words & pictures, all the various careers available at PC in various fields. Neat book with lots of graphics & pictures, obviously aimed at college-age recruits. There are 2 different PC Career books that I know of. This one is the older of the two, complete with pictures of Saunders & Perlman inside the front cover (crossed out & “GORMAN” written in). An employee “updated” this book with a red felt-tipped pen, making various corrections throughout, to reflect the changes at PC (such as the one just mentioned). Another example is that the word “Transportation” is inserted between “Penn Central” and “Company” in red pen on the cover to reflect the name change that PC underwent. This is the first time I’ve been able to offer one of these for sale & only the third Career book I’ve seen. $27

24. Penn Central Transportation Company Instructions For Supervisors in the Handling of Discipline. Dated Nov. 1, 1971, this salmon-colored 50 page book details discipline procedures. $5

25. 2 PC Union Agreements:
 Salmon Colored Agreement between MOW foreman in the MOE & MOW Depts. Effective June 1975. The 2nd agreement is Dated Feb. 1st, 1968, DAY ONE of PC! Agreement is between the Pennsylvania-New York Central Transportation Company and Clerical, Station, & Storehouse Employees. Cover has some writing and wear. Both books for $5.   

26.  PC Graphite/Grease Brush: 
Long handle (24 inches) fastens onto a large (2 inch diameter), angled head with long bristles. I have heard these were used for graphite, grease or paint. You decide! Mint condition. Has the manufacturer’s stamp “Rubico no. 23” on it, plus the PC name & logo in black. Real neat, unusual item. $27

27. Set of 4 PC stock certificates: 
PC had 6 total stocks- included are 4 of the 6: CAPITAL less than 100 shares (brown); COMMON STOCK less than 100 shares (tan); COMMON 100 shares (pink); COMMON more than 100 (purple). All 4 in very nice shape. $12 for all 4.

28. PC Individual stocks $5 each, all 3 for $10:
a. COMMON STOCK less than 100 shares (brown)
b. COMMON STOCK 100 shares (pink)
c. COMMON STOCK more than 100 shares (purple)

29. Book: “A Sampling Of Penn Central” by Jerry Taylor. 
THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN ON PENN CENTRAL (in this collector’s opinion). Why? Because it was written by a PC General Manager, who KNEW the railroad. This book covers the entire Southwest Region (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky) in intimate detail. About 400 pages, each page has a black & white photo with a full page of description about the photo on the facing page. If you’re into how a railroad REALLY works, trackage arrangements, shippers, operations, etc., then this book simply can’t be beat & can never be duplicated. Originally published in 1973, this is a 2000 reprint by Indiana University Press. This book is currently available from IUP for $60, I am offering it for $50 here (brand new, still in the shrink wrap). Only have 1 copy left… $50   

30. Conrail Elkhart Yard Visitor’s Guide. Very nice glossy brochure all about the yard, in mint condition. $6

31. 2 Conrail pens- black BIC with CONRAIL spelled out in white. The cap is missing. The other is a BIC knock-off and says “Conrail Altoona Mainline Safety Achievers”. Both for $5

32. Conrail Division Map Booklet. Shows all the CR divisions, one per page. From March 1987. $8

33. Conrail “TRACKS” Railroad Safety Coloring Book. Has an animated crossing flasher named Tracks that shows kids how to be safe. $3

34. White glossy folder with CONRAIL name & logo (3 times in different shades of blue). Has 2 pockets inside for papers, etc. $2 (have 3) 

35. Set of 3 CR system maps from 1983, 1985 & 1994. 8.5 X 11 inches each. Interesting to note the changes in the system over time… all 3 maps for $6

36. PC Menu # PC-5:  Single card “Snack Menu” dated 5-20-70 with black and white polka-dot border. Double-sided, it has a beverage menu on the reverse. $3

37. PC Menu # PC-9: Single card lunch menu dated 4-71 (just 1 month before Amtrak). Has beverage menu on the reverse. $3

38. PC Menu # PC-10: “Sandwich Menu” single card lunch menu. Has a black and white polka-dot border. $3

39. PC Menu # PC-12: Single card children’s menu dated 3-70. Has connect-the-dots on the back. Neat item in very good condition. $5

40. PC Specialty Menu: Syria Temple Shrine Lucheon. Enroute Chicago July 7,1968 (Early PC!). Has PC name & logo at the bottom on this single card. Very nice menu in good condition. $5

41. PC Specialty Menu: National Freight Traffic Association. West Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. May 31st, 1968 (even earlier than the last one!) Fold out cardstock menu w/ PC name & logo on the back. Very good condition. $7

42. PC silver dinner fork. 
Beautiful, heavy silverplate fork done in the “Broadway” pattern (which mimicked the PRR 4 track mainline in it’s design). Back marked International Silver Co. & has the PC logo stamped into the handle. One of the few beautiful, first class PC collectibles. Excellent condition. $25

43. PC silver teaspoon.
 Same description as above.  $25

44. PC tin ware: oil can.
 RARE ex-NYC style can. This is only the 2nd one of these I’ve come across & the first one I’ve ever had to sell. 10 inches tall, 6 inches in diameter with a 6 inch angled (slightly curved spout). It has the PC emblem raised on the shoulder & the cap has the manufacturer’s mark of “URBANA OHIO” on it. This can is silver in color (painted). Overall condition is very good except for some surface rust (normal for this type of tin ware). $32.50

45. PRR “POISONOUS” placard. 
8 inch diamond, OLD, from 1925! Mounted on cardboard to preserve it. Exact wording: “Pennsylvania Railroad System Handle Carefully POISONOUS Do not permit leaking liquid or solid to touch the skin.” Fair condition overall. All 4 corners are broken off (just the tips) & there is a tear in it that goes about ½ way though near the top. The cardboard backing hides the defects very well, as the placard & backing are almost the same color. Very neat display piece. $10

46. PC “Territorial Jurisdiction Directory”.
 This EARLY (Feb. 15, 1968) 8.5 X 11 inch PC book is about 200 pages and has a nice stiff cover and solid mechanical binding. On the PC green cover is the title, PC name & logo. Inside are listings of almost all the freight stations in the US & Canada, with the local PC freight office to which that freight station is assigned. Interesting book in helping to understand the way PC was divided up internally. Good condition. Back cover had a piece of paper glued to it at one time, the remnants of which are still there. Rare book- first one I’ve ever had for sale & only the 3rd I’ve seen. $19 

47. PC POST employee magazine. 
1971: Jan, April, June, July/Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec. Your choice $2 each
1973: March, May/June, July, Sept. Your choice $2 each.
Aug/Sept 1972 issue (special Agnes Flood issue) $5
August 1973 (Special Golden Freight Car issue) $3.50

48. PC POST employee magazine. Entire year 1972 (9 issues, including the Special Agnes issue) All in excellent condition. $20

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