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PC: New Product Announcement - PC Class N6A/N9 Transfer Caboose

Modelers and PC Fans,

The PCRRHS is pleased to announce the upcoming release of an HO kit for the NYC built N6A (PC Class) and PC built N9 transfer caboose, manufactured by Wright Trak Model Trains.

Features include a resin body, frame, and several detail parts, with etchings provided for a steel grid deck, roofwalk, railings, and the screen door that was such a neat feature on these cars.  The kit will build either car, as the basic difference was that the N9 was constructed without a roofwalk and end ladders.  Decals will be available for NYC, PC, and CR.

Photos of the castings, an order form, and pricing information can be found on the Society website, www.PCRRHS.org.  Photos of sample models will also be posted when they are complete.  The kit components are in production, and we expect these kits to be available in late July.  Note on the order form that there is a significant discount for PCRRHS members.

If you have an interest in this type of car, I hope you support the Society in what is our first, and quite ambitious, car project.

On behalf of the PCRRHS Modeling Committee, Trustees, and Officers,

Jim Homoki
President, PCRRHS

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