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PC: Anyone looking for a Caboose? NOW

       PRR-FAX( Ben Hom), PRR-TALK (Jerry Britton),Penn-Central (Jerry Jordak)please excuse the not exactly PRR content but the general railroad preservation theme.
     There is in the scrap line at Altoona awaiting the scrappers torch a Conrail N21,21276, cabin in rather good condition. Inside will require work but seems solid other wise. Will need window work the keep weather out. Built 9-1978 this would be the last new bay window style cabins built for Conrail as they did away with M/L cabins 5-1-1984.
   The car can be bought from the local scrap dealer before he gets to it. Email if you want what little I may know and can give the number of the scrap dealer. Movement would be the buyers responsability to work out by truck or with NS.
  I am not involed with the dealer or anyone else. My interest would be to see the car hopefully saved
Pat McKinney
Altoona, Pa.
PKMac101 -AT- aol.com

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