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Re: PC: Proto 2000 U28B 2822 & 2823 with Yellow Numbers

In a message dated 4/24/2005 12:43:49 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:
"The Dulux cab numbers were from the beginning of the PC
renumbering/repainting era.  Some units other than ex-PRR got them in
Dulux if no white was around more for getting the larger numerals than
anything else & I found some earlier shots of these with that color, so
thought it would be a good conversation piece."

So that's the reasoning behind the yellow numbers.
While that is the reasoning that doesn't really mean that these particular units received the deluxe numbers in yellow. 
#2822 at least had the normal PC style numbers applied.....but that is not proof that it did not originally receive the deluxe numbers......but until I see a color photo of 2822 or 2823 with yellow numbers I would guess that the yellow numbers are wrong.
So the big question is how do the run?  Life-Like likes to invent a new gear ration evey other unit that they produce.
-Tom Haag

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