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Re: PC: Proto 2000 U28B 2822 & 2823 with Yellow Numbers

J. Henry Priebe Jr. wrote:

>>Is this a typical Proto 2000 screw up, or did
>>this really exist. I cannot find any photographical evidence that it is
>>correct. Engine numbers are correct with 2822 & 2823. HELP! 

I wondered the same thing myself, and so I had asked the same thing of 
my contact at Life-Like a few weeks ago, and this is what I was told:

"The Dulux cab numbers were from the beginning of the PC 
renumbering/repainting era.  Some units other than ex-PRR got them in 
Dulux if no white was around more for getting the larger numerals than
anything else & I found some earlier shots of these with that color, so
thought it would be a good conversation piece."

So that's the reasoning behind the yellow numbers.


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