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Re: PC: Proto 2000 U28B 2822 & 2823 with Yellow Numbers

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, J. Henry Priebe Jr. wrote:

> This was posted to the Railfan.net forum by "rockisland21," I can't find any
> photos of the two units in question so I can't answer his question.
> http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?board=PennCentral;action=display;num=1114225775
> >>>>
> I own a hobby shop in Chicago, and I model the RI & PC. Just received the new
> Proto 2000 U28B's, and the engine number is in PRR "gold" colors instead of
> the traditional PC/NYC white. Is this a typical Proto 2000 screw up, or did
> this really exist. I cannot find any photographical evidence that it is
> correct. Engine numbers are correct with 2822 & 2823. HELP! 
> <<<<
> I would think that any full worms paint job should have white numbers, but
> black dip jobs could have yellow numbers.

After poking around a little I dug up some more info PC U28B's.

As far as I can tell PC only had the 2 ex-NYC U28B's, 2822 and 2823. PRR
didn't have any U28B's, only U28C's. The two PC U28B's were ex-NYC 2822
and 2823. P&LE had 2800-2821 and those units did not go to PC.

IIRC, NYC had several late U25B's which were uprated to 2750 HP, in effect
early U28B's in all but name.


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