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Re: PC: Re: 29 years ago today......

Who knows? History may have even been rewritten to where the current megabloat carriers of today may not have existed. CSX could have been the name of a telecommunications company instead...

Gary Farmer <gary -AT- mssinc.com> wrote:
Ahhh yes... ConRail. Basically it was PC with a load of Government money and
PC issues that they had been bringing before the Government for years that
were finally implemented...

I spent most of my "serious" railfanning years during Conrail, but I would
have preferred PC...
For all the griping about PC's paint scheme and logo, I always felt
Conrail's paint & logo were MUCH worse. That "can opener" just can't compare
with the "worms"!
All that having been said, CR in the end was a pretty good RR overall. BUT
one wonders if PC's management had been handed BILLIONS of $$$ and
deregulation / abandonments / labor concessions, etc. as they were asking
for (and CR got), I'll bet we'd still have PC today (or maybe they would
have been split by CSX & NS anyway...)

No matter, history is what it is.
PC is the goat, CR is the hero of NE railroading....


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