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PC: PC slide show

Hey Y'all!

          This past weekend,I met up with Mark Branibar in Clark N.J. at
a trainshow to buy some PC slides. I also bought some PC photos. Anyway,
around lunch time, railroad photographer Paul Carpenito put on a Penn
Central slide show for Mark and me. WOW!!!!
       Mr. Carpenito showed us some real crankers! But there was one
slide that really strange. He had a slide of a freshly painted PC E44. I
know what you're saying..."What's so strange about a fresh PC E44?"
Plenty of those in 1968-69,right? WRONG!!!!!!
This freshly painted PC E44 was painted in 1974! This is a new one on
me. I didn't know PC was repainting E44s in 1974. And this was not a
patch job. Full dress from top to bottom.  Can't think of any E44 wrecks
during the PC era. There were a few low speed roll overs but I don't
think any E44s were wrecked to the point of a rebuild. Anyone have any

Dave Hopson

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