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Re: PC: PC in the movies( and on TV!)

             I have to dig the tape out of the vault before I can make a
copy. It shouldn't take too long.
           There was also a NYC-Merchants Dispatch tv ad before the
merger showing how the railroad moved finished autos to the east. What's
nice about the ad is the live sound of five NYC GP40s racing past the
camera wth ML-12.  The only reason I know about these tv ads, is because
you could buy these ads at car shows.
The only "pure" Penn Central tv ad that I know of, was the "Call Us Penn
Central" ad which showed the PRR Keystone and NYC Oval merging into a
chain, then became the PC worm logo. Showed freshly painted GG1s and
some new boxcars, fast moving piggybacks,etc.


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