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Re: PC: PC in the movies( and on TV!)

Hey Yall,

               Here's one I thought you might like. Back in 1968,
Chrysler-Plymouth shot a tv commercial featuring their new line of cars
on a moving Penn Central "Multi-Level" (autorack) train.  the racks are
filled with mostly Plymouth Barracudas. All the racks are marked "Penn
Central". The train was pulled by two freshly painted diesels
(U25B/GP35). The ad was shot on the exNYC Water Level Route just above
New Your City. 
            But there is one scene that is an absolute cranker! The
train comes out the side of a mountain (from a tunnel) onto a massive
steel truss bridge and rolls across a river. The bridge is about six
stories high. the entire ad was shot from a helicopter. NICE!!!!!!  How
did I remember a tv ad from '68? I have a copy of the ad on tape!
          Anyone that knows me well knows that besides the Penn Central
and PRR, I love Chrysler-Plymouths and Dodges from 1964 to 1971.
Especially if it has a Hemi in it!

Dave Hopson,
watching brand new Dodges Challenger R/Ts being unloaded off
PC-Merchants Dispatch racks at Weehawken......Can you dig it!

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