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Re: PC: PC in the movies

The Out of Towners, a fantastic Neil Simon movie was actually filmed partly in my home town. I remember as a senior in high school. Myself and 3 or 4 friends went to Route 128 Station. I took my 66 Vette convertible and my friends brought their "rods" too. We were actually treated to meeting Jack Lemon and Sandy Dennis. The FL9 engine and New Haven silverside cars were awesome. I had photographed them many times. As well as having had many rides in them. The engineer on the train was a personal friend from Dedham, Ma. Phillip "The Count" Nolfi. That filming is to me a very pleasant memory. The Count probably would taken me as a passenger if I had known ahead of time that he was to do this job. I recommend watching this film and enjoying the NH scene at Route 128 Station...Now known as 128/ University Park. a brand new huge and elaborate Amtrak/MBTA joint project.
Ed St.George

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