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PC: Re: Penn Central Digest V4 #71

There is a lot of information and great photos in the two Morning Sun books, New York Harbor Railroads Vol 1 and 2.  Plenty of details in Vol 2 about hooking up a float to the bridge, loading/unloading and so on.  I have read these books cover to cover many times and they are great reference for the layout I am working on that deals with the New York Harbor area.  There is also a lot of information by the author, Thomas Flagg as to where one can find more information on harbor operations.  I will try and dig this info up in the next day or so.


Dale A. DeVene Jr.

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Subject: Penn Central Digest V4 #71

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> Hey guys,


> Here's one from the PCRRHS inbox. Might any of you have information on 

> the Weehawken Terminal that could help this gentleman out?


> Thanks,

> - -JWJ


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> Subject:	Weehawken Waterfront & Terminal

> Date: 	Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:39:51 -0500

> From: 	James Ragas <jamesr4199 -AT- comcast.net>


> I have been looking for information on the Weehawken waterfront and the

> ferry terminal that was once there. I have joined numerous societies and

> museums to no avail. I have been in contact with the societies that I

> belong too ( NYCHS, NYO&W, RLHS, Waterfront Museum , Hagley’s N.J.

> Archives, N.J. room @ the Jersey City Library, just to mention a few

> with no result’s. I did find out from Hagley’s museum that a lot of the

> records when the Penn Central was being rolled into Conrail that the

> records were given to the NYCHS and some went to the NY public Library.

> Well the NYCHS of which I am a member have never cataloged the records

> and could not be of any help. As for the N.Y. Public Library they want

> 150.00 just to let me get a library card. I just wanted to ask if maybe

> your Society might have anything on Weehawken. The reason I am

> interested is I grew up in North Bergen and my Wife’s Family worked for

> the Central and Penn Central. Her uncle was the foreman for Building’s &

> Bridges on the River Div. and his son’s still work for the RR. Her

> Grandfather was a machinist for the Central. I am trying to historically

> model an 11’x27’x11’ layout in HO scale including the Ferry terminal &

> Waterfront at Weehawken. By the way I do have the original assignment

> board that was in Weehawken in my basement that was the only thing my

> Wife’s uncle’s widow would give me it measures about 3’ x 9’ and has the

> drawing’s of the Weehawken Waterfront. It does have some water damage

> and is framed but it is the Original.  I don’t want to take up anymore

> of your time I feel I took to much already. Please if you have any info

> on this Facility or know where I might be able to get any please let me

> know.


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