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PC: [Fwd: Weehawken Waterfront & Terminal]

Hey guys,

Here's one from the PCRRHS inbox. Might any of you have information on 
the Weehawken Terminal that could help this gentleman out?


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Subject:	Weehawken Waterfront & Terminal
Date: 	Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:39:51 -0500
From: 	James Ragas <jamesr4199 -AT- comcast.net>

I have been looking for information on the Weehawken waterfront and the
ferry terminal that was once there. I have joined numerous societies and
museums to no avail. I have been in contact with the societies that I
belong too ( NYCHS, NYO&W, RLHS, Waterfront Museum , Hagley’s N.J.
Archives, N.J. room @ the Jersey City Library, just to mention a few
with no result’s. I did find out from Hagley’s museum that a lot of the
records when the Penn Central was being rolled into Conrail that the
records were given to the NYCHS and some went to the NY public Library.
Well the NYCHS of which I am a member have never cataloged the records
and could not be of any help. As for the N.Y. Public Library they want
150.00 just to let me get a library card. I just wanted to ask if maybe
your Society might have anything on Weehawken. The reason I am
interested is I grew up in North Bergen and my Wife’s Family worked for
the Central and Penn Central. Her uncle was the foreman for Building’s &
Bridges on the River Div. and his son’s still work for the RR. Her
Grandfather was a machinist for the Central. I am trying to historically
model an 11’x27’x11’ layout in HO scale including the Ferry terminal &
Waterfront at Weehawken. By the way I do have the original assignment
board that was in Weehawken in my basement that was the only thing my
Wife’s uncle’s widow would give me it measures about 3’ x 9’ and has the
drawing’s of the Weehawken Waterfront. It does have some water damage
and is framed but it is the Original.  I don’t want to take up anymore
of your time I feel I took to much already. Please if you have any info
on this Facility or know where I might be able to get any please let me

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