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Re: PC: Question re: railroad tracks

"Wochner, David L." <David.Wochner -AT- sablaw.com> said:

> Hi all.  I have a rather specific question that I am hoping someone can 
help me with.  I recently was looking at a mapquest map, and it identified a 
set of tracks going across the Delaware River on the north side of Philly 
(just south of the Betsy Ross Bridge) as "Penn Central" tracks.  Could 
someone tell me how/where I find out if those tracks are still in use today 
by Amtrak or a local commuter train (e.g., SEPTA)?

Hi David,

Sounds to me like you're looking at the tracks on the Delair Bridge over the 
Delaware River. That bridge has two tracks. One track (the north track) is 
used by NJ Transit for their Atlantic City Line service. The other track is 
used by Conrail Shared Assets Operations for freight service to and from 
Pavonia Yard in Camden, NJ. There is no connection between the two tracks. 
I'm not sure who owns the bridge itself. Amtrak used to run over this bridge 
when they operate the Atlantic City service, but they pulled the plug on that 
years ago and NJ Transit took it over.

(Dave Hopson, feel free to chime in here if I'm wrong.)


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