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PC: RE: Question re: railroad tracks

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This is the Delair line of the former PRR.  Still in use, in fact one of the oldest train bridges in the country
See's maybe 3 or 4 trains daily.  This is the major line between Pavonia yard in Camden and PA
Also right near there is Frankford Juntion yard, trains passing going to or coming from the bridge usually stop to make setouts and pickups
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Hi all.  I have a rather specific question that I am hoping someone can help me with.  I recently was looking at a mapquest map, and it identified a set of tracks going across the Delaware River on the north side of Philly (just south of the Betsy Ross Bridge) as "Penn Central" tracks.  Could someone tell me how/where I find out if those tracks are still in use today by Amtrak or a local commuter train (e.g., SEPTA)?

This would be a big help.  Thanks.



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