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PC: RE: Special loads in employee timetables

 I always figured the X's in the special loads were just for anything
already covered in the TT like in PC TT #5 12/15/72 page 174 shows a 5 mph
at Alliance, Ohio through the slip switch and enginehouse tracks.

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I asked this over on the PRR-Talk list, and apparently several hundred
Pennsy fans didn't have an answer, so I thought maybe a couple hundred
Penn Central fans might be able to do better:

Most of my PRR and PC employee timetables have a section titled "Engines
and Special Load Restrictions," section 1160-A1. There is a chart
listing various tracks, followed by five columns titled "class of
engines" numbered 1-5, and four more columns titled "special loads" with
letters L, M, I, and J. These columns then have letters or numbers in
them to designate if/how these locomotives or cars are restricted in
operating on the listed tracks.

The numbered columns for "class of engines" list different classes of
locomotives in each column, so a train crew can tell if their locomotive
could operate on a given section of track. However, the "special loads"
sections have no other description in them other than the letters.

What I'm wondering is: what kind of special loads do L, M, I, and J
stand for?


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