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PC: New Penn Central art.

Hey Y'all...

           I'm just about to finish up working on some new PC artwork.
The name of the art is called "Within the Mon River Valley".  The art
depicts four EMD "six-axles" (SD40/45s) on the point of an ore drag
(within an interlocking) with a steel mill in the background. 
         The art will be done by next week. And those of you going to
the PRR-Harrisburg meet in May,I'll have it on display in my room for
the PC fans.  
        I have a couple more PC art projects in the works which include
a Flexi Van scene with six E units westbound on Rockville Bridge. And PC
Alco Centuries coming off the draw at Whiskey Island. (Calm down,Chip!)

Dave Hopson

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