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PC: Flexi Van decals

A post on the Yahoo passenger car list indicates Microscale will be doing Flexi Van decals.
Dave Owens

Here's the post:


I got to know Steve Dunham from Micro-Scale decals as he bought a piece of
brass from me and introduced himself. He's the NEW man in charge and has
said how much work needs to be done to bring things up to speed again.

The e-mail about Milwaukee Flex-Van decals (way) below was sent to him also
when I sent it out. He responded below.

You may pass this along to any Milw-NYC modelers you might know

Mike Sosalla

----- Original Message -----
From: Steven Dunham
To: 'Mike Sosalla'
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 10:31 AM
Subject: RE: Milwaukee Road decal question

Mike, we are going to be releasing the NYC, P&LE along with the Milwaukee
next month. I am aware of a few other road who also had these cars like
Santa Fe and IC. The NYC set will be going to press this month and should
be available in 30 day. The announcement sheet was displayed at the
Springfield Train Show this past week end. The lettering is for the flat
car and trailers for both mail and general container service. I have been
working with Overland models for this decal for several months now.

Steve Dunham
Manager/Retail Division

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