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Re: PC: ATS shoes on last PC SD45s

Hi Dave,

I had a chance to check my SD45 slides and all of the "bought-new" PC
SD45's had the NYC ATS shoe on the lead truck of the engineer's side.  All
of my slides dated 1971 show the shoe removed by then.

Mark Branibar

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             01/09/2005 01:05          PC: ATS shoes on last PC SD45s      
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Hey Guys,

              The last (and only) five SD45s the Penn Central bought,did
they NYC's IITC/Automatic Train Stop pick up shoes on the lead
(engineer's side) truck? The reason why I ask is because in one of the
late 1960s "Extra 2200 South" magazines reported that all five SD45s
from EMD had both PRR and NYC systems. I have a photo of all five of the
brand new units headed east outside of of Pittsburgh.
But I can't see if they are equipped with an ATS shoe. Anyone have any
info on this subject?
Thanks in advance.

Dave Hopson
"Within the Mon River Valley"

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