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PC: Cars in Baltimore


The following was sent to me by web site visitor named "Richard" and I 
thought I'd pass it along. (If anyone is in Baltimore and gets pictures 
of these, e-mail them to me and I'll add them to the web site. Thanks.)

> There is a 50' flat car still wearing it's green coat. The car
> is attached to a crane car, marked "CR", but can't make out the
> original name. These cars are located in Baltimore, MD. at the
> CSX Curtis Bay Maint. facility. If you drive along the eastern
> edge of the property on Shell Rd., they are sitting right there
> on the last set of rails next to the road!! No need to get
> permission to photograph...you don't have to go on private
> property to see them! And better yet, Shell Rd. is not that
> much traveled ( only by tanker trucks) so you can EASILY pull
> off the road and see them up close. Please, PLEASE post this
> for all of the PC fans out there...They've been there a while,
> and I don't know how much longer they will be.

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