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Re: PC: Metro North FL-9s Being Cut Up

> Stephen Vargo wrote:
>> Another sad passing of an era... hopefully a few FL9s made it into
>> museum collections if only for their uniqueness.
> There's two at the Danbury Railway Museum, three at the Railroad Museum of
> New England in Waterbury, CT, (NH 2059, the last one built, plus two
> ConnDOT ones in NH paint on long-term lease), and I one at the Connecticut
> Eastern Railroad Museum in Willimantic. M-N still has a few in service,
> last I heard. There were pictures in a recent Railpace magazine of a pair
> of them working the Waterbury-Bridgeport shuttle.
> Wonder if we could get M-N to donate one to the PCRRHS? Then again, where
> would we put it? In Chip's back yard? :)
> -JWJ

Chip's back yard would be perfect (other than MY backyard).

It would give that position light signal something to DO!  <LOL>


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