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Re: PC: Metro North FL-9s Being Cut Up

Stephen Vargo wrote:

> Another sad passing of an era... hopefully a few FL9s made it into 
> museum collections if only for their uniqueness.

There's two at the Danbury Railway Museum, three at the Railroad Museum of 
New England in Waterbury, CT, (NH 2059, the last one built, plus two 
ConnDOT ones in NH paint on long-term lease), and I one at the Connecticut 
Eastern Railroad Museum in Willimantic. M-N still has a few in service, 
last I heard. There were pictures in a recent Railpace magazine of a pair 
of them working the Waterbury-Bridgeport shuttle.

Wonder if we could get M-N to donate one to the PCRRHS? Then again, where 
would we put it? In Chip's back yard? :)


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