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Re: PC: PC Central Region ETT No.6

At 05:16 PM 12/8/2004, you wrote:
The numbers of timetables issued varied by Region.  The following are the final issues and dates for the PRR:
    PRR Eastern Region No. 23, April 30, 1967
    PRR Central Region No. 4, October 29, 1967
    PRR Western Region No. 7, October 29, 1967
Jim A.

Thanks for the info on the timetables. I never knew they issued them differently for different regions, although it does make sense. I was just confused how you guys were talking about Central Region #6  as the last one when I was looking at an Eastern Region #9 on the shelf, and I know I have higher numbers stored away. Thanks again for kick starting the brain again lol

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