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RE: PC: RE: Re: PC MW Std. Plans

I don't have designations beginning with E or MF.  I do have photocopies from an old report that appear to have been made from the plans.  The photocopies list Plan No. 20897 and File No. 1502-36.  Do these help?  I will try to find out if E or MW designations exist.

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Do you know the "E" number or "MF" number for the bridge?

Nick Seman

"Glass, Gordon" <GGlass -AT- burnip.com> wrote:

>Does anyone holding plans or knowing of plan collections know where the 
>plans for the Big Four Bridge over the Ohio River in Louisville, KY 
>might be?
>Gordon Glass
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>Hi Pat,
>I have never seen an "official" published list of all the PC plans...
>ironically I have 2 or 3 lists for Conrail...
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>    List,
>            Does anyone have a complete MW std plans book? Want to 
>start organizing my plans into my new book. I see doubles and xerox 
>copies in the plans I have but no list of what all is suppose to be in 
>a book. Thank you to all that help.
>    Pat McKinney
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