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Re: PC: Big Four Bridge, Louisville, KY

Title: Re: PC: Big Four Bridge, Louisville, KY
Hi all-----The University of Louisville has the official L&N archives, with thousands of L&N plans, photos, and documents. Even though the Big 4 bridge was not an L&N structure, given its proximity and relationship to the L&N right there on the riverfront of Louisville, there is a good likelihood that many photos and maybe a copy of the plans would be in that archive. I lived in Louisville 1991-1994, and the bridges there are something to behold. The former Big 4 yard across the river became (as of my last knowledge in 1994) part of the Louisville and Indiana Railroad.
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Subject: Re: PC: Big Four Bridge, Louisville, KY

> I do not know where the current Chessy system head office is located.
It is located in railroading history since the Chessie System was merged out of existence when CSX was formed.
This bridge shows up quite often on eBay on postcards.

Bryan Turner
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