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Re: PC: Big Four Bridge, Louisville, KY

Dear Sir:     Conrail has been or is in the process of splitting up between the Chessy System and Norfolk Southern.  To get that information, you would have to know which one now owns the Bridge.    The office you would likely write to for the Norfolk Southern is in the Atlanta, Ga., area  (and expect to wait several months  [ 6 ? ]  for a reply.  I do not know where the current Chessy system head office is located. 

HG Scott 

Glass, Gordon wrote:
I am looking for information on what is locally referred to as the Big Four Bridge in Louisville, KY.  In particular, I would like to know where the plans might reside, if they still exist.  The name comes from four railroads that originally collaborated to build the bridge.   A news article cites a merger of Big Four and Pensylvania railroads was the beginning of Penn-Central.  Any leads on where the facilities records, particularly the bridge plans, may have gone to would be appreciated.
Gordon Glass
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