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Re: PC: Photos by D.T. Walker

> Hey Ya'll....
>      From time to time, I hear PC fans ask: What ever happened to D.T.
> Walker. For those who may not know, a lot of Mr. Walker's photos were
> used in "PC Power". He took some amazing PC shots.
>        Well, I saw him at the "First Frost" trainshow in Allentown Pa.
> this past weekend and he had stacks of Penn Central b&w 8x10s for sale.
> I'm talking real "crankers"! I bought a stack full of action shots. By
> the time I was through I had just enough money to get home.
>         He shot trains along the PC main in New Jersey (when freights
> ruled the Northeast Corridor) in the early 1970s, but he also went to
> the Middle and Pittsburgh Divsions to shot PC actrion.  Great stuff.
> Just thought I pass on the info.
> Dave Hopson


So...  where/how do we find him?

Terry Stuart

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