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PC: Photos by D.T. Walker

Hey Ya'll....

     From time to time, I hear PC fans ask: What ever happened to D.T.
Walker. For those who may not know, a lot of Mr. Walker's photos were
used in "PC Power". He took some amazing PC shots.
       Well, I saw him at the "First Frost" trainshow in Allentown Pa.
this past weekend and he had stacks of Penn Central b&w 8x10s for sale.
I'm talking real "crankers"! I bought a stack full of action shots. By
the time I was through I had just enough money to get home. 
        He shot trains along the PC main in New Jersey (when freights
ruled the Northeast Corridor) in the early 1970s, but he also went to
the Middle and Pittsburgh Divsions to shot PC actrion.  Great stuff.
Just thought I pass on the info.

Dave Hopson

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