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PC: PC-Railfan/Northeast Railroader Mag Info

PC-Railfan/Northeast Railroader Magazine Information

Hello Penn Central fans. I've learned the following about the PC
Railfan/Northeast Railroader magazines. The PC-Railfan/Northeast Railroader
magazines were a bimonthly Railfan magazine with information on the Penn
Central, Amtrak, and ConRail. For those interested, I would like to share this
information with you. If anyone has any further information about these
magazines, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know.

The PC-Railfan Magazine began in 1975 with the Jan-Feb 1975 Volume 1, #1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 issues and ended with the Volume 2, #1 Jan-Feb 1976 issue. The last
issue of the PC-Railfan magazine publication was the Volume 2, #1 issue. There
were a total of 7 PC-Railfan magazines issued.

The publication continued after the Volume 2, #1 issue but under the name of
Northeast Railroader, beginning with the Volume 2, #2 issue dated Mar-Apr
1976. The Northeast Railroader issues continued in the magazine format until
the Volume 2, #5 issue of Sep-Oct 1976. There were a total of 4 Northeast
Railroader issues done in the magazine format, Volumes 2, #2, 3, 4 & 5.

The Northeast Railroader publication further continued after the Volume 2, #5
issue dated Sep-Oct 1976 but in a Newsletter style format. It is believed
there were 6 issues done in the Newsletter format beginning with the combined
Volume 2, #6 / Volume 3, #1 issue dated Nov, Dec & Jan 1976/1977. If the
information I've received is correct, there were a total of 6 issues done in
the Newsletter format. The publication ceased totally with the December 1977 issue.

The PC-Railfan/Northeast Railroader magazine publication was done by: Jerome Rosenfeld

PS - These magazines are not to be confused with Bob Reid's publication of the
PC Railroader/Rails Northeast magazines. This is an entirely different
publication done on the Penn Central.

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