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PC: PC caboose 24014

Hi Guys

I recently purchased  PC N10 caboose 24014 ( still blue and now with 
RPCX 24014 reporting  marks).

Last week end it moved from Altoona PA to Decatur IL on the NS  - I 
expect it to back thru Ft Wayne, Indy, and Cincinatti, Dayton, 
Springfield, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio before being being handed off to the 
IOCR  (maybe on Friday) for delivery to the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

Plans are for it to be returned to as delivered Penn Central green - 
worms and all. It will see ocasional movment on the HVSR.

If any one sees it and could get me a report of movment or print, slide 
or jpg, I would be greatfull! I am also tracking it thru the NS phone 
tracking service .

Sorry abou the cross posting - just trying to get lots of eyes and 
cameras looking for it.


Jim Hebner


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