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Re: PC: Yes, cabin cars on 'passenger' trains---documentation

Well, there you are then! I knew someone would know.


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>          Don't think for one minute that the Penn Central didn't have
> mainlines capable for fast freight and passenger trains in 1970.
> Trailvan and Mail trains were doing 60 to 70 mph out of north New Jersey
> down the main to the Trenton Cutoff where it was off to the races.  The
> ex Middle Division and Pittsburgh Division were in good to fair shape
> also. Most of PC's Lines East mainlines including the Water Level Route
> across NY was good to fair shape. It had to be. Penn Central was moving
> more freight than any other railroad at the time. 
>          Most of PC Mail trains had 4 digit N8 mail cabins. The trucks
> were good for 60 and 70 mph running.
>   Dave Hopson

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